I offer the following services:

  • Dutch-English and English-Dutch general translations: Translations of English general texts into Dutch and Dutch general texts into English. Think of a letter, a website or an article, for example.
  • Dutch-English legal translations: Legal translations of Dutch legal texts into English. These can include contracts and agreements, deeds, wills, articles of association, general terms and conditions or prenuptial agreements, for example.
  • Dutch-English certified translations: Certified translations of Dutch texts into English. Think of a degree, a certificate, a list of marks or a curriculum vitae or similar documents.

Rates available on request.

Request a free, no obligations quotation. Please attach the text for an exact price. Minimum fee: €35. All prices are exclusive of VAT (21 per cent). I am also available for rush projects during the evening and weekend hours, subject to a surcharge of 25%. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all offered services.